Five Glorious Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

As of last Saturday, my semester is over!  I turned in all my assignments a week early.  For the next five week, there is nothing to worry about.  No papers to turn in.  No more begging FullEclipse to proof read anything!

I just completed all the classes I needed for my major and minor.  It is such a relief to be almost done.  My last class will be the dreaded – 9 unit, political science, BS course everyone has to take in order to graduate.  I hope I do well enough because I have a fantastic GPA.  It would suck if my GPA dropped on a class that has nothing to do with Cyber Security.  There are rumors about the grading being based on your political views.  If that is the case, I do not think I will do well in such a conservative class.  I thought about faking my views, but I cannot.  Lately I have felt this need to say whatever the hell is on my mind.

With any luck, I will be done by the end of September.  Then, it will be time to repay 30,000 dollars in school loans.

Good times – said no one ever!

I am happy to be almost done.  It is just a scary prospect with everything that is coming down the line this year.



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