>My last day as a 30 year old

>It is the eve before my 31st birthday. 

What an odd feeling to know that my 20s are behind for good!  It all feels so surreal.  Like my life keeps passing me by while I hover over everything.  So many opportunities have been wasted. 

I just feel so old to complete the many projects I want to get started.

Funny, this blog was supposed to start a year ago as a way to chronicle a new chapter in my life and how I cope with my anxiety.  I had high expectations.  Then again, the blog didn’t start until much later than my birthday. 

A lot much has happened this year.  I have lost a lot more than I have gained – unless you count the many pounds I have put on due to stress.  These experiences are supposed to give me wisdom.  I know there is a lesson to be learned somewhere. 

If only I could know what these lessons are so I can finally feel like I can live my life.


>Oh the wonders of the Internet

>For my September post, my idea was to find a cool image to go with my overall theme.

So, I went to yahoo! images.  Please don’t ask why google is not my default search engine because I can’t give you an answer.  I know better.  I consider myself pretty damn good as far as the Internet goes, but no…I had to use yahoo!

I typed September and this is what I got:

The September 11th pictures should not come as a surprise to anyone.

However, the picture with the boobs…that is up for debate.

>Horray to September

>My favorite month is finally here!

I don’t know why I like September so much. Perhaps, it is because my birthday is this month. Although as I have grown older, my birthdays scare me more than excite me. Really, who wants to get older?

I guess September feels like both a new beginning and almost an end as well. Kids go back to school to new surroundings. The weather begins to change and in some places you can actually see this happen, lucky lucky people! The year is almost over. People hurry to get their stuff together. You notice how much you have/haven’t accomplished so far.

Let us not forget September 11th. Despite of what happened later or how we might feel about the outcome of the events, we changed. Nothing feels the same.

This month is a time of reflection. Now that I think about it, September seems like a cool middle aged man.