Procastinating 101

Holy shit!

I turn around and almost a month passes by without a post.  What do I do with my time?  I was on such a good streak about my Thankful For Posts.  Now, the time has passed.  Maybe I will write them all out in one post.

To be honest, the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of shit piling on top of everything that could possibly be bad in my life.  I am siting here trying to take it all in.

I have so much to write about.  It will be better to list it!  Here is goes.  This guide should help me to keep focused:

  1. My week of anger
  2. Paczki being part of the 20/10/5
  3. The person who is my personal hell and is also part of 20/10/5
  4. Being sick with a stomach bug
  5. Crying as I puked my brains out due to said bug
  6. Sadness
  7. The death of a teenager
  8. My Bucket List
  9. My funeral
  10. The accident that could have been bad
  11. School and how shaken I am about it

I hope this helps.  I have enough time to finish it all.