Here is a handy list of the people I often talk about:

  • FullEclipse – my husband and soul mate.  He drives me bunkers.
  • Paczki – my first born daughter.  Taught me that everyone comes to this world with a clean slate.
  • K2 – my second child.  A boy who makes me question my sanity every day.
  • KittyKat – my two boxers Kona and Fuego.  They are dogs and don’t care about privacy.  It is easier to refer to them under one name.
  • Dr. Smokes a lot – first psychologist….a total joke.
  • Mr. M – tattoo artist who will be my go to person for tattoos
  • Dr. Socks – marriage counselor.  Great so far!
  • Dr. How I Met Your Mother – first psychiatrist/doctor.  Saw her for a month.  Yet, she planted the seed for my recovery.
  • Dr. Backstreet Boy – second psychiatrist.  He got me to a place where I could feel like I could make it through life.  I was able to get out of my comfort zone, drive, and take a long trip on the freeway.  Lost him to some kids.  Evil children, I say!
  • Dr. Inception – third psychiatrist.  She gets to the root of all my issues and rips them apart in a good way.  She is great.  No, she fucking rocks!  I will lose her in June to more evil children.  Let me just say it again, Dr. Inception rocks!
  • Dr. Absolution – fourth psychiatrist.  Has the patience of a saint!  Another great match.
  • Ricky Martin – well, not hidden.  I just wanted to type his majestic name!



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