Five Glorious Weeks!!!!!!!!!!!

As of last Saturday, my semester is over!  I turned in all my assignments a week early.  For the next five week, there is nothing to worry about.  No papers to turn in.  No more begging FullEclipse to proof read anything!

I just completed all the classes I needed for my major and minor.  It is such a relief to be almost done.  My last class will be the dreaded – 9 unit, political science, BS course everyone has to take in order to graduate.  I hope I do well enough because I have a fantastic GPA.  It would suck if my GPA dropped on a class that has nothing to do with Cyber Security.  There are rumors about the grading being based on your political views.  If that is the case, I do not think I will do well in such a conservative class.  I thought about faking my views, but I cannot.  Lately I have felt this need to say whatever the hell is on my mind.

With any luck, I will be done by the end of September.  Then, it will be time to repay 30,000 dollars in school loans.

Good times – said no one ever!

I am happy to be almost done.  It is just a scary prospect with everything that is coming down the line this year.



The “Cloud”

I have a love of everything tech.

From smartphones to tablets, I must have it all.

I am not ashamed to admit that I own a touch PC  with Windows 8 (it’s  an old computer), a Mac laptop, an android phone, and Windows Tablet.

Having so many devices brings the problem of syncing each of them.  With school, I MUST keep all my files in one place in order for me to work whenever I have a chance.  By the way, the Windows tablet has one of the smoothest keyboards ever created.

Okay, getting back onto my subject, I need to be able to access all my files and edit them.

I was  still am hesitant to keep all files in one place.  But I gave in.

So, The Queen is officially on the cloud.

Can I say it is scary?

Servers go down wiping user’s data- Hello Sidekick scandal of 2009.

So, what do I do?

I still back up everything on the cloud onto my main PC.

I will also change the password to the site every week.

This was supposed to be easy?


Am I crazy or is this a good idea?





I just saw my notifications.  My blog has ten followers.  Can I say I am surprised by this?

When I began to write my blog, my idea was to reach out to people who suffered anxiety.  I also wanted a way to vent.  It never crossed my mind that people might my daily writings.

Now, I really have to come up interesting stuff?  Nah!  I will keep it real.

In the meantime, I should be doing homework.  I have a paper due.


Sleep? What sleep?

Not since the birth of K2, have I been up so late!

School is in full gear.

My vacation is over and with that life goes back to normal.  It just feels like I am missing something basic in my classes.  I don’t like feeling at a disadvantage over my classmates.  Most of them have experience.  I am new to this field.  It feels like being dropped in a foreign country to learn the language and some of my companions already know how to speak it.  My competitive side kicks in, but I cannot quite catch up to them.


I want to get A+ on every single subject.

I am glad I can take and retake my quizzes since they only count for participation points and not my overall grade.  Otherwise, I would be in serious trouble.

Changing majors was a bold move.  I have no experience in computers.  Everything is new.  I understand business – nothing else.  This is just a minor set back, right? Once I immerse myself in the fun parts of the classes, I will be okay.

I want to work in Cybersecurity.

I just hate these three weeks.  Nothing but terms.  Lots and lots of confusing terms that could have been presented in a different way.

Show me how to build a network.  We can go over the rules then.  Don’t spring everything on me.  I need the practice.

I am ranting.

I am sleepy.

I want to be able to see my husband for more than 10 minutes at a time.