Why the Nicknames

I use nicknames throughout my writings for various reasons.  Privacy is the main reason.  The name of my doctors and especially my loved ones do not need to be plastered all over the Internet.  They are my support system and I want to keep them away from the negativity.  Everything I write stays on the web forever.  I do not want my kids to be able to Google their names later on.  My doctors have to follow a code of conduct.  I do not want to get them in trouble if I ever reveal something that was said during our therapy sessions.

It is okay for me to be blunt.

It is not okay for my family to be harassed for me being so out there.

If I were to use my real name, people would figure out the name of everyone I am close to.  So, Queen Frigid it is.

One day, I may show my face.

But it will take a lot of therapy to do that.

In the meantime, I will have fun giving nicknames to the cast of characters in my blog.

I am up for suggestions on this front too!!


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