About Me

My name is A.K. or maybe it is not.  There is something funny going on with all my names.  I cannot even keep them straight.

Okay, A.K. is my middle name combined with my husband’s last name.

In reality, I still use my maiden name which begins with S & E.

My first name sucks.

If you call me by my first name, then you are a business/school acquaintance.

My online persona is Queen Frigid.

Queen Frigid has been my alter ego since late 2004.

The moniker has stuck around the Internet so I have kept it.

I am in my late 30s, living in a state that I absolutely hate.

My hope is to get out of here at one point.

I am happily married to my best friend.

I have two daughters and a son.

I also have a boxer and Boston Terrier…crazy dogs!

I suffer from a panic disorder that results in terrible panic attacks.

Yeah, panic disorder sucks.

It is a crippling disease that I cannot shake.

This disorder has taken so much away from me.

Anxiety is common yet most people cannot understand it.

It takes balls to be friends with someone like me because my disease defines a lot of what I do.

I blog to cope.

This is my space…my outlet.

I write what I feel.

I don’t like to proofread because then I get caught up on being perfect.  This does not work well because I then forget what I want to say.

I like to keep my family and my identity a secret.

Everything on the Internet stays here forever.

My struggles can be shared, but not my family or kids.

George Carlin is my Patronus.

I curse a lot.

I hate being around people because they think I am weird.

Being weird is fine.

Welcome to my mental chaos.



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