Password Protected Entries

One of the nifty features of WordPress is the ability to password protect some of my entries.

I want to keep this blog open to everyone, especially those who suffer from anxiety.  My posts are a reflection of who I am, especially the ones dealing with my problems .

However, there are a few people in my life that I would rather keep away from these particular entries.  These people probably get a sick high whenever they see my unhappy times and thoughts.  The funny thing is that I wouldn’t mind if these people actually saw these entries.  It might give them a different perspective on who I am.  But, I doubt they will ever change their mind.  Their loss, not mine.  Yet, they are still interested.

I have a pretty good idea of who my regular followers are, etc.

In order to get the password, just leave me a comment with your email address and just a little sentence telling me who you found my blog.  If you don’t feel confident about this, just send me a link to your blog and I will find a way to give you the information.

I will email you the password right away.  Do not worry, I am not in the business of gathering information for spam.  In fact, I despise spam.  The comment will never be published and I will delete it from my dashboard.



The simple things in life

Sometimes it is hard to keep focused on what truly is important in life.

I often forget just how truly wonderful the mind of a three year old can be.  They have so much imagination.  These little beings expect nothing but love.   They don’t want anything else.

Today, Paczki is in the office with me for a few hours.  She is enjoying the office and all the endeless supplies that come with it.  Between talking on the phone (she actually picks up the receiver on the fax to talk to her school) and drawing all over the place, this mysterious place can bring unexpected presents.

Just as I am typing this post, my little one found a calculator that actually spits out paper…Her eyes lit up with excitement!

Okay, going back to my story, the mail came in.  Paczki loves receiving mail.  We normally give her out the spam mail we get.  She is happy with this arrangement.  Just as I always do, I gave Paczki an ad we got.  She started running back and forth screaming, “Yay!  For me…mail for me!”

I couldn’t help but laugh.

I did give her an extra ad which only made her happy.

I hope she is always this happy.

Welcome to WordPress

For a while I have wanted to try WordPress.  I have seen some really cool layouts, etc.

Now that I have moved to the platform, I have mixed feelings about WordPress.

Blogger was a lot easier to navigate and customize.

But, I hear nothing but good things about WordPress.

This new layout is a work in progress so please bear with me.  I am sure I will get the hang of it and like WordPress in the end.

The move is due to various reasons.  One of them is being able to password protect some entries.

Don’t worry, everyone will get the password.

In the meantime, be patient.

>The past two months!!

>I have been M.I.A. for the past two months. 

There is just so much to blog about, but I have had to step away in order to keep the very little sanity I have left.

Here is a summary of everything that has been going on.  This is a long rant:

A week before my aunt was to come visit the family, Paczki gets sick.  A terrible cold.  I was hoping that nothing bad would happen.  I am starting to think Pre-School might not such a good idea.  Paczki gets better, but I end up getting sick while my aunt is here visiting.  There goes my quality time with her.  I still work, but I feel like crap.  I can’t take medication and it really sucks.  My little one is out of school for a few days.  February is about to begin.  Big preparations are in place for Paczki’s third birthday.  We are to spend a day at the zoo and buy her a cake among other fun things.  She is also getting ready to celebrate at school.  Forty eight red velvet cupcakes are put on order.  Even though Paczki is better from her cold, FullEclipse takes her to the doctor.  She has a nasty ear infection.  So, we get antibiotics for her.  I feel so bad for my little one since I know how nasty those infections get.  Just as I thought things were about to improve, Paczki gets sick with a nasty stomach flu the weekend before her birthday – out of school again.  Not good.  She had never thrown up before so this was very traumatic for her.  To add to the aggravation, she is also a lucky recipient of one of the many bad side effects of Amoxicilin.  Most of the medication doesn’t even get to her.  I am beginning not to like her school.  Paczki is finally done with the stomach flu when lo and behold FullEclipse gets sick!!  He finally gets the flu that is going around.  He tells me that throwing up red velvet cupcakes is not fun.  Ouch!  So, Paczki is to be with me for a full day at work so daddy can rest.  FullEclipse gets better and Paczki has a small celebration on her birthday.  Just a few family friends…her cake was so good, less than a quarter gets eaten.  However, her birthday celebrations at school are postponed for almost a week.  I was advised to freeze the red velvet cupcakes.  A few days later, Paczki gets her special day just as daddy gets sick with a cold.  After FullEclipse is done with is cold, Paczki gets it again…argh…more school days lost.  More doctor visits that result in more antibiotics for said ear infection.  Valentine’s day is here.  FullEclipse and I end up celebrating.  Much like last year, I end up with food poisoning that aggravated another condition.  I missed a day of work…NOT HAPPY about this one.  I like going to work.  I am out of my food poisoning when FullEclipse gets a nasty cold.  A whole week of being sick.  He finally goes to the doctor and the doctor puts him on some strong antibiotics.  He is not to be near anyone.  He manages to finish school.  He almost didn’t make it!  On the good side, I have the bed all to me.  I miss my husband.  This bed is too big when he is not around.  FullEclipse is finally done with his cold when last week, Paczki came down with another cold!!  Can I go kill those irresponsible parents that let their demon spawns loose at my daughter’s Pre-School?  I keep Paczki at home when she is sick.  Why oh why can’t they?  So…more days off school.  More doctors visits.  This time, it is round three of antibiotics along with a yearly check up and vaccinations.  My little one wants mommy and I am with her.  I get sick!!!  The doctors refers Paczki to a specialist for her ear.  FullEclipse calls his aunt who is a chief of pediatrics in a hopsital.  She gives us good adivce on what to do.  It is so nice to have a doctor in the family!  I am getting better.  FullEclipse is getting better.



Paczki is coughing.

Oh My God!