Our Life Changes

Packzi is down for her afternoon nap, or so I think.

The dogs are quiet and laying next to me in the computer room.  KittyKat at peace…something that I love to see.

Only one room left in my place to clean!  It might only be dusted today.  No need to vacuum it.

Things have changed a lot in the past three weeks.  Life has a way of changing your plans.

FullEclipse found a new job.  This was not only a huge surprise for us because finding something in this economy is nothing short of incredible, but also a much needed source of income.  I never thought he could find such a great opportunity.  His job is close to home and will offer him many opportunities for growth once he finishes with his degree in the next year and a half.

Because of the change of schedule and other factors, FullEclipse and I concluded that it would be best for the family if I stayed home twice a week with Paczki.

The decision was made partly because the family business could benefit from not paying me for the days that I am gone.  In fact, I will be taking a huge pay cut.  This was not something I wanted to do, but it is what is best for the business.  I am okay with it even if it means that FullEclipse and I will not be debt free in the time frame that we had planned.

The other factor was the cost to keep Paczki in school full-time.  The amount of money that we would pay did not make much sense to us.  Three full days work better than a full week, especially with our budget.

KittyKat also played into this outcome.  Kona’s adoption fell through.  No new prospects have come to her rescue (other than her former owner) so it appears that she will be living with us for a long time.  The dogs are getting along better.  However, Kona does not do well if she is left alone.  We have lost a ton of stuff due to her anxiety.  Losing and replacing these items is stupid.  So, Kona goes to work with me.  She does better when she is around people.  But, I don’t want her to be in the office/shop with me all the time.

Finally, FullEclipse and I had talked about me staying home with K2 twice a week after his/her arrival.  I was preparing to stay home anyway.

These changes have been for the most part positive.  I have a lot to learn about staying home with a three-year old.  It is an ongoing process.

The funny thing is that I never picture myself being a stay home mother, not even as a part timer.

This new lifestyle has been a huge shock to my system.

I went from being a working mom to cleaning the house (something I don’t mind doing) and cooking (something I am horrible at).

I am in awe.


I have hope that things will get better