Living Through My Kids

There is no shame in admitting that at times I live vicariously through my children because there are so great things in the world that I could not get to do in my childhood.  Life had other paths for me.  Yes, there is some resentment at times.  Part of my outlook in life derives from the lack of certain experiences.  When the K Kids were born, I made a promise to them that I would do all the things I wish my parents had done for me.

Sometimes the kids humor me.  There are times where their personalities clash with mine.  Nothing in the world will get them to see things my way.  It is part of life.

However, Paczki just joined Girls Scouts.  This is something I wanted to do when I was a child.  It just never happened.  This new adventure works well because it kills two birds with one stone.  First, we get to spend time together without being bothered by FullEclipse, K2, the dogs, etc.  My goal for therapy this year was to be more involved in Paczki’s life.  Part one – DONE.  We will have a date every two weeks.  Dinner, then Girl Scouts.  Second, I get to make friends.  Being in this hellhole I call SoCal has left me with no one I can turn to in case we need help.  It is going be rough since I tend to be awkard.  Relating to people, especially women, is not something I really care too much about.  Oh well!

If Packzi decides Girl Scouts is not for her, she can stop.

Now if I can get her to try to take over the world with me!!!

But let’s hope it all works out.