Semester’s Projects – Ready for Review!

I just e-mailed FullEclipse my last paper for the semester.  This one was just as important (at least to me) as the capstone project. My hope is to go into Cyber Forensics.  A bad grade will give me some serious doubts about my career path.

I am so spent!  I have no more creative words.  I do not want to even think about writing for my next classes.  I have a whole week off.  My plan is to blog a bit and read ahead.  My semester begins the week of Thanksgiving.  Even though I do not really care much for the holiday, I want to spend it without having to worry about school work.

Once FullEclipse proofreads my work, I can submit my assignments and wait for the grades to come.  The capstone was not as bad as I had thought.  I guess that after knowing what is in store for me in the stupid 9 credit class I am forced to take, this project seemed like child’s play.

Graduation is just a few classes away.  It will take me another year to complete my degree.  It is so close I can taste it.signature


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