Germs Cause the Disease Known As….

…feeling like ass!

This is a bleh post because I feel bleh.

So about the condition known as feeling like ass….

….At least, the medical profession should look into this illness because it has gotten into my system.  For the last few days, I have been feeling off even my school work fell behind.  On Friday, my father (BSSMKY) actually made me take a nap at work.  This never happens.  Big clue that something was amiss.

It was great to take a rest, but I woke up lost.  To add more confusion to the situation, I realized that the time I had allocated for school was taken up by making up for the nap!  The weekend was a blur.  Thankfully FullEclipse took the K Kids out on Saturday.  By Sunday, my school work was all done.

But, this week has been so bad!  Yesterday afternoon, my nose became runny.  I refused to search Dr. Google, MD because my search results on the symptoms would have been something along the lines of, “YOUR PROSTATE IS ON FIRE!”  What my friends suggested was nothing more than an allergy attack.  Really?  At 3-5 (or 25 years + 10 of awesome) I develop allergies?  The answer was a good one because there is nothing I hate more than getting a cold.  Since yesterday was the date of my move to the states, it figures I would get a nice present from my body.

I had a dinner and Girl Scout date with my Paczki.  Getting medication was not an option.  My body would have to go without medication until I got home.  By 6:00 p.m., I was miserable!  As in, I want to curl up in the middle of the school cafeteria until the morning?  In my haze, two things happened – I agreed wot co-direct Paczki’s troop (I never fucking learn!)  and FullEclipse called to say he was hit by another driver.

After many phone calls, I was able to concentrate on Paczki.  We got home after 7:30.  FullEclipse came home with BSSMKY and K2.  He had the most wonderful present – anti allergy medication which didn’t work as I slept like ass too (another medical mystery!).

Today is a short day for Paczki.  As soon as I get home, I will lay down.

Ah crap!!




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