My First Car Accident

Back in October, I wrote about my first car UNO.  I had given him up for a bigger car a Mazda Tribune AKA The Reid.  The damn car was supposed to be reliable, except it was a piece of crap.  When we buy a used car, FullEclipse and I always choose to get an extended warranty.  Even if the car comes from a dealer, you never know what could happen.

One of the first issues the car had (yes, I will strip the name The Reid) was the gas cap light coming on for no reason.  The dealer reset the light.  But, if the car displayed the light again, I was to bring it it for testing.  Care to guess what happened next?  The light came on.  I took the Mazda back to the dealer.  There was an issue with a pump.  The piece needed to be replaced.  For a $100.00 copay, a gas cap with labor was not a bad deal.  Well…the warranty did not cover that piece.  We paid $225.00 out of pocket to change the gas cap.  The dealer took its sweet time fixing it.  While the car was in the shop, Packzi, FullEclipse, and I got very sick.  Picking up the car took another extra two days.  So, I was without a car for two weeks.  I bought the car at the end of October and drove it for about two weeks before dropping it off with the dealer.

Once I got the Mazda back on the 30th of November, I went on my routine.  Monday, December the 3rd was an ordinary day.  On Tuesday, Paczki had her first recital.  For logistical reasons, I dropped FullEclipse off at work to avoid having to take an extra car to the recital.  My parents would pick him up while I took Paczki.

During the drive, things weren’t right.  FullEclipse asked me if I was okay.  I said yes.  Normally I get nervous if he is in the car with me while I drive.  As I dropped him off at work, I noticed that I wasn’t feeling right and that I needed to get a grip on my driving because my kids depend on me for my safety.  From that moment, I was extra careful with my driving.  I was on high alert.

I dropped Packzi off.  K2 was in the car with me.  I was making a right hand turn when the steering wheel locked on me.  It would not move.  It was completely locked.  I remember thinking, “this is what happens in my dreams.  I don’t have control of the car.”  My next thought was, “I am going over the median.”  Everything happened in slow motion.  I was very calm.  There were no screams as I was going over the bushes and into oncoming traffic.  The area is heavily congested.  We have county and federal offices around.  At 8:00 in the morning, traffic is horrible.  I knew I would hit a car coming my way.  Yet, the cars were stopped by the red light at the end of the street.  I could not believe it.  It really felt like an out of body experience.

Once the car stopped, I called FullEclipse.  How do you tell your husband that you had an accident but that you were okay?  I told him that I couldn’t control the car.  He asked me to turn off the engine.  The steering wheel unlocked.  I was able to back up into the courthouse where FullEclipse and I got married.  I called my mom because she needed to pick up FullEclipse since he didn’t have the car.

I called AAA.  FullEclipse arrived and we went to the dealer.

More on their answer later!!



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