Hello Zoloft My Old Friend…

…I’ve come to talk to you again.

Great, not this song will be stuck in my head for a while!

Last Friday I met with two psychiatrists.   Why two?  The hospital where I go to get my medical care is a teaching hospital.  Chances are, an intern will be there to help the attending physician.  Normally, I do not have a problem with this arrangement because people have to learn somehow.  They can do whatever to my body.  Yet, when it comes to my mental health, I want the real thing!!

Oh well…after a long conversation about my anxiety, my fears, and how I am not going out at all, the doctors recommended I go back on Zoloft.  They want me to wait until K2 is born if possible.  However, if I need to start taking it before, they are okay with it because it is supposed to be safe for the baby this late in the pregnancy.  I am not taking Zoloft until after the baby is born just to be on the safe side.  I could consult with Dr. Dracula, but my weekly appointment on Thursday was rescheduled (translation: I changed it)  for the day before the c-section.  I can wait a few more days.  Also, the doctors think that there might be a slight chance that my anxiety will decrease one K2 is here.  I really hope so.  With Paczki, I had no anxiety.  It was after she was born when I began having panic attacks.  Part of it was the fact that FullEclipse and I were adapting to our new roles.  I kept a lot of what I felt inside and that is how I ended up with in so much trouble.

I have said many times that I hate the thought of being medicated.  I hated the side effects.  The doctors understand me.  They know how much weight I gained on Zoloft.  They know that I want to breastfeed K2.  Right now, I am priority number one and I need to get a grip on my health.  This is what the doctors said.  Therapy will help me, but it take a while to work.  The best course of action is medication with therapy until I get better.

I feel upset because I might not be able to breastfeed K2.  At least I want to have the option to do so.  Even though Zoloft is the safest medication out there, it can still get into the breast milk.

Thankfully, my husbands Godmother/Aunt is the head of pediatrics and infections diseases (yeah, she is well-educated) and she is going to look into research on Zoloft and breastfeeding.  All my in-laws kick major ass!!  The decision to breastfeed will be mine in the end.  It is just nice to know all of my options.

In the meantime, I am sitting here waiting for the next therapist appointment (tomorrow!) and thinking of what to do.


One thought on “Hello Zoloft My Old Friend…

  1. Woman!

    I can answer this one for you 🙂 I am sitting at my desk at the poison center right now reading the studies done on this. In mothers taking 50 to 100 mg s day levels detected in children were none to negligible (less than 2ng/mL) with no adverse effects reported in the child.

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