The First Answer Is Always The Right One

Do you remember taking tests when you were in school?

Didn’t it always seem that, whenever you changed your answer, the first choice was the right one?  One would think people would learn this lesson, especially those people in the medical field!

When I first discovered I was pregnant with K2, I knew my due date would be 9/4/11.  I used every tool I had in order to make sure I had the right dates.  My first doctor, Dr. G said K2 would be born on 8/31.  The first ultrasound said 9/4/11.  Every other ultrasound since then has said 8/31/11.  Somehow, I was not too thrilled with the change of due date.

After a long two months of going back and forth with my insurance (long story that deserves its own post), I was able to change to Dr. V. AKA Dr. Dracula.  I have seen him three times.  In my first visit, he had tentatively scheduled my c-section for 8/24/11.  On my second visit, we reviewed the data and guess what?  I WAS RIGHT!  My due date is 9/4/11.  Dr. Dracula told me that doctors always go by the results of the first ultrasound.

At first I was elated.  I do not want anything bad to happen to K2.  A week is a long time when you are pregnant.  So much happens.

Then it hit me!!  I would be pregnant for an EXTRA week.  I am so ready and done this time.  Do not get me wrong, I love being pregnant.  Most of this pregnancy has been fantastic, but my body cannot handle it anymore.  I am tired, swollen, super huge, short of breath, etc.

I am done.

Yet, I know I will miss my belly.  I love feeling my little nudger.  It is our time alone.  This is when K2 is all mine.

Anyway, the lesson that I learned is to always ask questions.  Doctors might not like it, but it is so important to know what is going on with your body or child.



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