E.R. for K2 – All Is Fine

FullEclipse and I just came back from the emergency room.  Well, the Labor and Delivery E.R.

We are fine which is the important thing!

I had some issues with K2 this morning.  I did not worry about what was going on.  For someone who worries about every little thing, my anxiety did not kick in.  I had a feeling that things were fine.  I had been monitoring my situation all day long and things did not get worse.  I did not see the need to speak to my doctor unless I had a real emergency.

FullEclipse was so upset when I told him what was happening that he made me call Dr. Dracula (not his real name!) to tell him what was wrong with me.  I did it to appease him.  Mommies know when things are not okay in the pregnancy.  Honestly, I felt stupid making the phone call.  The attending physician (Dr. S) in my doctor’s office had me to the E.R. to make sure the baby was fine.  Just as we were getting to the E.R., Dr. S had made the call to alert them of my arrival.  That was very nice of her.

Going to the E.R. was so surreal.

What if my instincts were wrong and K2 was in danger?

I was feeling fine until I got into the elevators and into the delivery area.  I had seen this part of the hospital before because I took a maternity tour a week ago.  But the gravity of my situation did not sink in until I was sitting waiting for someone to take me into the back.  I almost had an anxiety attack.  Seriously, the walls of this place were closing in on me!

The attending nurse and doctor were great.  Even the students were fun.  They made me feel at ease about my situation.

Anyway, after twenty minutes of monitoring the baby, two students (this is a teaching hospital) and two very painful pelvic examinations later, I was free to home.

I feel fine now.

FullEclipse…not so much.  He took a couple of scratches when he held my hand during the examinations.  He is such a trooper.

Right now, I better take it easy.  I want K2 to cook for a little longer.

I am just glad that he is okay.

I also need to get my overnight bag and other items ready should this baby want to come early.  There is so much to do.  I have family coming over for the birth so if K2 decides to come before the due date, my family will not be able to get here in time.

But those are things we can worry about tomorrow.

The only thing that sucked was the fact that Paczki did not get her half-yearly cupcake.  I celebrate her half birthday.  I guess we will do it tomorrow!


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