The big secret of 2011

If I were to tell you 9/4/11, what would you say?

Maybe, it is just a random date, or the day before Memorial Day 2011.

For the people who know me, it is just a few days before my birthday.


For me, it is my due date!!!!

Yes…I, Queen Frigid, am pregnant with my second baby!

*Link to image

FullEclipse, Packzi, and I could not be happier.

Yesterday was the start of the 20th week of this pregnancy.  I am 19 weeks, but my books and trustworthy pregnancy calculator say that this counts as the 20th week.  Also, yesterday was the first time where I could feel a lot of movement from the Jelly Bean or K2 as this baby is called.  There has been some movement before, but not like yesterday.

So many thoughts are running through my head!

First, hahahaha to my doctor because I knew what my due date would be based on my not so regular cycles.   He told me my due date was August something and an ultrasound proved him wrong!

Second, how cool would it be to have the baby on my birthday?  Sadly, he/she will be born before 9/4/11 because I will have another c-section.

This pregnancy is so different from Paczki’s.  I am more tired, but I don’t go to sleep at 6:00 pm. anymore.  I finally know what morning sickness feels like and it is the worst feeling in the world.  Even after the first trimester has passed, I still get it.  I have thrown up so much.  My migraines have returned, my anxiety is very high and I only have medicine for emergencies only which makes it really hard for me to go day by day at times.

My vegetarian diet is out the window…bring on the meat!

I haven’t gained a lot of weight, but I worry about it a lot because I can put on weight like there is no tomorrow.

My habit of watching People’s Court came back.  Much like his/her big sister, this baby enjoys Judge Marylin Milian.

KittyKat (Kona is still here) follow me around like before.  Fuego seems more attached to me.  I guess he knows something big is coming.

I feel guilty for not starting a baby blog yet.  With Paczki, I had a ton of posts by this time.  I gotta get on that!!

On Thursday, I should know the sex of the baby.  If he/she takes after Paczki, we will have a hard time seeing anything.  Earlier in the pregnancy, I had an ultrasound and the baby did not cooperate at all.  Paczki was that way.  In fact, it took about three techs to figure out her sex.

I can’t deny that I am scared shitless about becoming a mommy for the second time especially with another c-section!

After the miscarriage I suffered last year, I had been very worried about the health of this baby.  Thankfully everything seems to be going smoothly.

I found out about this pregnancy on FullEclipse’s Birthday late December of 2010 jut as soon as I knew something wasn’t right.  FullEclipse always wanted me to surprise him when I found out about new pregancies…oh boy, was he surprised.

With Paczki, I just showed him the test and he said, “get out of here!”  The second pregnancy that I lost, was just a text message that he never got.  So, he was due for a nice surprise.  I put the test stick inside one of his presents.  His reaction was not what I expected, but he is not one to show his emotions at times.  But he was surprised.  The happiness came after he realized that I wasn’t joking about being pregnant.

This baby was not planned, but FullEclipse and I weren’t being careful.  In the back of our minds, we knew what could happen, but we didn’t care.

I keep thinking about the people who can’t have children and I feel so blessed that I am able to get pregnant.

I am blessed because I have a gorgeous daughter that was born healthy despite my anxiety.

I am blessed because FullEclipse has been there for me through the morning sickness, anxiety, and just overall feeling that things are just too much for us.

Our love and relationship gets stronger everyday.

I can’t wait for K2 to come and join us.


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